Jeff Whatcott

I help tech executives discover their message, find market fit, and build a scalable revenue machine.



"We are selling a new category to the world and started from a blank slate. We struggled to find concise, evocative language that gripped people's attention. We were too close to the problem. Jeff came in with fresh eyes, asked challenging questions, and extracted the key themes and messages. We ended up with much stronger, clearer positioning and messaging that told our story and pulled at people's emotions. We now use Jeff's work as a true north for our branding and creative."
Craig Lund, Co-Founder & CEO, Mightier

"I can easily say I’ve received 10x the value through our 1:1 coaching sessions compared to the alternatives I've tried. Each time we met was a like a concentrated dose of wisdom and sound advice, highly tailored to my specific needs and challenges. I truly feel grateful that I had the chance to work with Jeff and would recommend him to anyone else."
Andrew Haire, VP of Marketing, Ionic


Strategic Messaging & Positioning
Executive Coaching & Mentoring
Go-to-Market Strategy
Funnel Design & Forecasting
Sales & Marketing Alignment
Content & Thought Leadership
Startup Product Validation
Product Launch
Pricing Strategy
Win / Loss Analysis
Presentations & Pitching


Jeff Whatcott